The ConnectMyDNA™ Test

The ConnectMyDNA™ test is designed to provide the alleles (alternate forms of a gene) present at the loci used for human identification. The scientific community has developed methods to examine locations in the DNA (loci) that are highly polymorphic in the human population. A total of 13 unlinked loci have been adopted by the forensic community to provide sufficient information to uniquely identify an individual (CODIS). The ConnectMyDNA™ test analyzes the 13 loci and determines the alleles at each locus.

Testing is conducted in a DNA testing laboratory utilizing appropriate testing protocols including positive and negative controls. This DNA Profile is depicted by the Gene Ring™ – a graphic representation of the alleles detected at the 13 loci tested. Since the Gene Ring™ is based on the specific alleles detected at the CODIS core loci, each Gene Ring™ will be different just like each DNA Profile is different (except for identical twins).

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