Real People, Real Connections
Linda Kilgus

The Gene Ring is a cool and trendy way to show someone their DNA. It was very interesting knowing that there is a test that can compare your ring to other countries and show you where your DNA most matches. Very unique. I'm going to share this with my family and friends on Facebook. Hopefully they'll be interested in buying a Gene Ring too so we can compare our DNA.

Luis Colon

I was born in Puerto Rico and most of my family that I know is said to be Puerto Rican Indian. I was in shock to find out my country connection was Morocco because my mom stated to me that some of my family was from Spain. Never would I have thought that I was similar to Moroccans. It is very interesting to learn something new about myself. I feel that I wish that I would have known this earlier so I could have a better grasp of where my family has come from. I'm going to post my country connection e-poster in my home to use as a talking piece with friends and family.

Diana Hodge

I think this DNA test is very interesting, especially from the results that I recieved. My parents are both from Colombia, so I was a little surprised to see my country connection was to Sweden. It really opens up new doors for me to explore. I would like to have my mom and brothers tested to see if they get similar results. Love the layout of the Gene Ring and how it represents my alleles and markers.

Sean Brooks

I was very surprised to see that my country connection was in Afghanistan. I expected Ireland because my great grandparents on my mom's side were Irish. This test opened my eyes to the fact that I only focused on one country when I explained my heritage to people, when the truth is, my mom's grandparents provided only a small part of my DNA makeup. Now I have a whole other side to me I can brag about.

Chitra Shah

It was interesting to see my genes match the people of Argentina; I would never have expected this part of the world. The really strange part is, I have always been interested in the South American food and culture and in learning the Spanish language. It makes sense how common tastes in things might have something to do with common DNA. I'm going to do more research to find out what other cool things I share with the people from Argentina.