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Friends Reunited® and ConnectMyDNA™ have teamed up for an exclusive offer that will allow you to learn more about yourself with a DNA self discovery kit. Where in the world will your DNA connect you to? What will your personality test reveal about your relationships.

ConnectmyDNA converts 13 of your genetic markers (Loci 13) into a unique fingerprint, known as the Gene Ring™, to compare and connect you to population groups around the world.

Dig deeper to learn more about yourself with our proprietary personality profile! What is your specific personality type? What does it tell you about your personal and professional relationships? What exactly do the results mean? Take the test and find out!

Learning more about yourself has never been more fun, educational, and comprehensive. Some results will be expected, but you will definitely be surprised when you connect to some of the 89 countries we test for. Unlike an ancestry test, ConnectMyDNA™ looks at the present, not the past.

Whether creating new friendships or 'reuniting' with friends that have already taken the test, one of the greatest benefits of ConnectMyDNA™ is the ability to connect with others and make new friends based on your results! Order now!

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