The ConnectMyDNA™ Test

The ConnectMyDNA™ test is designed to provide the alleles (alternate forms of a gene) present at the loci used for human identification. The scientific community has developed methods to examine locations in the DNA (loci) that are highly polymorphic in the human population. A total of 13 unlinked loci have been adopted by the forensic community to provide sufficient information to uniquely identify an individual (CODIS). The ConnectMyDNA™ test analyzes the 13 loci and determines the alleles at each locus.

Testing is conducted in a DNA testing laboratory utilizing appropriate testing protocols including positive and negative controls. This DNA Profile is depicted by the Gene Ring™ – a graphic representation of the alleles detected at the 13 loci tested. Since the Gene Ring™ is based on the specific alleles detected at the CODIS core loci, each Gene Ring™ will be different just like each DNA Profile is different (except for identical twins).

There is no scientific information about whether alleles in a person’s DNA profile are important in any human social relationship. The DNA Profile can be used to identify forensic samples or biological relationships. The range of alleles detected at each locus is the same in all populations groups that have data available, but the frequency of individual alleles can vary significantly among world populations. Most laboratories utilize databases for the major ethnic groups when making calculations.

Human are a relatively recent species and as a result share DNA to a much higher extent than older species. There are no ethnic specific alleles, and the amount of genetic diversity is small within and between ethnic groups.

The comparison to the world populations often shows associations that are surprising. Since the DNA Profile does not contain sufficient information about ancestry, ConnectMyDNA™ is not intended as an ancestry test. What it does show is the extent that we as human beings are genetically related which hopefully people that take the ConnectMyDNA™ test can appreciate.

Most genetic testing involves complicated personal issues regarding biological relationships or genetic disease. The ConnectMyDNA™ test is a way to participate in DNA testing in a way that is hopefully fun and educational.